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We offer seasonal, extended-stay, long-term, and annual rentals based upon availability.

Season Rentals

Seasonal Rentals are typically from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Due to high demand for this property, seasonal rentals usually require a contract and initial deposit at least 12+ months prior to the season you wish to rent. Please contact us for pricing and information, if interested.

Long-Term and Extended Stay Rentals

Rentals of 30 days or more are eligible for special pricing. This is a great way to enjoy the beach off-season or to "live like a local" for a while. You'll have a fully-furnished home to enjoy plus the all of the events Rehoboth Beach has to offer year-round! Please contact us for pricing and information.

Annual Rentals

If you are interested in an annual (12+ months) rental, please contact us. Please note that all rentals, including annual rentals, are prohibited from subletting, sub-leasing, or assigning any portion of the lease.