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House Guide

Welcome to Rehoboth Beach, our Nation’s Summer Capital!

This online guide is provided to help you navigate the home you are staying in; please take a moment to review it as it answers many commonly asked questions. We also maintain a list of other frequently asked questions (FAQ) here:

Rehoboth is a wonderful place to enjoy year-round. Whether you are here to explore tax-free shopping, enjoy the beach, sample local cuisine, or just get away for a fun weekend, we hope that you enjoy your visit.

Best wishes for a safe, fun, and enjoyable stay!

Emergency Information

In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. The address of the house is 76 Sussex Street, Unit 2, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.

  • A first aid kit is located in the coat closet between the kitchen and front door.
  • A fire extinguisher is located under the kitchen sink on the first floor and in the closet of the large guest bedroom on the second floor.
  • A flashlight can be found in the top right drawer of the kitchen cabinets located under the “Rehoboth” sign.
  • The nearest hospital is Beebe Medical Center; refer to for additional information.
  • In the event of severe weather, please take necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Monitor local television and radio stations for information from authorities.

House Rules

Please treat this home and our neighbors with the same courtesy and respect that you would your own.

  1. No smoking. This entire property is smoke free. If you choose to smoke, please do so outside, and kindly dispose of your cigarette butts in the trash, after ensuring they are fully extinguished.

  2. No pets. This property does not allow pets. If it is found that you have had a pet in the property, you will be assessed a minimum $1,500.00 pet fee.

  3. No loud parties. Please keep the noise level to an appropriate level such that all neighbors may enjoy the peace and quality of this residential neighborhood. The City of Rehoboth enforces a noise ordinance, and guests are subject to fines and/or other penalties, including the forfeiture of any security deposit, if cited by the police and/or the homeowners association for noise.

  4. Please follow all check-out procedures. A detailed departure checklist is hanging on the refrigerator.

  5. Park in designated parking spaces only. Parking in spaces other than the two (2) assigned spaces (the two farthest to the right if you are facing the building) will result in unhappy neighbors, and may result in fines, ticketing, and/or towing of your vehicle(s). Refer to for additional information.

  6. Obey all local laws and ordinances. Please take a moment to review the Rehoboth Beach Good Neighbor Guidelines for Vacation Rentals and other local laws and ordinances available online at

  7. Please leave the home in the same condition as you found it. Please kindly treat the property as if you are the guest in the home of a friend or family member.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Air Conditioning & Heat

The internal climate is controlled via the thermostat in the living room.



Connect to the Wifi for easy access to the internet.

                    Network: DakotaRHB

                    Password: Welcome2RHB!



Checkout is 10:00 AM. Please refer to the Departure Checklist hanging on the refrigerator for detailed check-out instructions.

Television & Entertainment

Use the TV remote to operate the TV power and volume, and to switch between devices.

Cable TV

Cable TV is available by using the YouTubeTV app on the Apple TV (note that this is different from the regular YouTube app). To watch TV, use the Apple TV remote to navigate to the home screen, select the YouTubeTV app, and pick from the channels available on the onscreen guide. See below for instructions on using Apple TV.


Guests are welcome to login to their personal digital streaming services accounts (such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), but do so at their own risk. Please make sure to log out when finished. The host is not responsible for any use of digital streaming services, intended or unintended.

Apple TV

To use the Apple TV, navigate with the small black remote. The top of it is a touch-pad, used to navigate the on-screen menus. If the Apple TV remote is unresponsive, it may need to be recharged. To recharge, simply plug it in using an Apple TV/phone power cord. An extra Apple power cord may be found in the kitchen, in the top, right drawer underneath the Rehoboth sign.

Iron & Ironing Board

An iron and ironing board can be found on the second floor in the bedroom closet.


The washer and dryer are located on the first floor of the home, under the stairs.


The fireplace is a gas (propane) fireplace operated by the remote control, and/or the controls found in the bottom panel of the fireplace unit. Power and fan adjustments are found on the left side of the blower unit. Please use caution when operating.


Park only in the two (2) designated parking spots. Visit for a diagram and additional information.

During the season (refer to posted signage for enforcement dates) you must have a parking pass to park on the streets in Rehoboth. If you use one of the house parking passes, you must return it before your check-out; failure to do so will result in a minimum $300 replacement fee.

Parking in metered spots is enforced as posted. Parking passes are not valid for metered spots; you must still pay for the parking spot.

Trash & Recycling

Please place all trash and recycling in the appropriate bins located outside, between the front door and back porch. Recycling items should be placed in the large blue and yellow container.

Depending on the dates of your stay, you may see service providers coming to move trash bins to or from the curb.


The content contained in this guide is for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon for accuracy. The information contained herein is subjective in nature; references to other companies, vendors, organizations, service providers, or services does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation in any way. Guests assume all risk for reliance on any and all information contained herein. 
The guide is supplemental to any and all information that may have been previously provided to you as part of your booking or rental agreement. In all cases, information provided in your rental agreement and/or notices as part of the booking takes precedence over anything provided in this guide.