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Departure Checklist

We hope you had a wonderful stay!

To help us prepare for the next guests, please take a moment to complete this departure checklist.

  • If you used any of the beach towels, please put them in the washing machine with some detergent and start it. (If it finishes prior to your departure, please feel free to put the towels in the dryer.) Please do not put any bed linens or bath linens in with the beach towels. Bed and bath linens are laundered off site.

  • Strip beds and leave linens piled on the floor in each bedroom.

  • Pile dirty bath linens in the bathroom. Wet items can remain hanging.

  • Leave bedspreads folded on the top of beds.

  • Remove all food and other items you may have brought from the refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. Please wipe up any spills or residue on refrigerator shelves, and leave it completely empty.

  • Please make sure all dishes and other kitchen items are cleaned and put away. Please start the dishwasher with any remaining dishes prior to departure.

  • Close and lock all windows and doors.

  • Close all curtains and shades/blinds.

  • Remove all trash and recycling and place in the containers outside.

  • Return the two (2) parking passes to the house.

  • Ensure the fireplace and grill are completely turned off.

  • Leave the property in a “broom-swept” condition.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring a smooth transition to the next guest. Please note that a failure to follow the guidelines on this departure checklist and/or in your rental agreement may result in additional fees and/or a forfeiture of your security deposit. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.